The Situation

As you will be aware, due to the pandemic and social distancing, we have had to suspend meetings for the immediate future, so please do not try and turn up on a Thursday for the time being.

We are however going to upgrade our website to include writing activities, forums and lots of other collaborative enterprises!

Additionally! This may give scope to Virtual Membership – For a small consideration, writers will theoretically be able to sign up and have access to all of the collected wisdom of SWC, in whatever form it will shortly take.

If you have thoughts or suggestions on this, please get in touch, else keep an eye out for the impending improvements…

2 thoughts on “The Situation”

  1. I am not a member but would like to become one asap and submit a poem to the competition, if possible.
    Please can you advise?
    Many thanks

    1. Hello John! Well, hopefully Virtual Membership will be available very soon. As to entering the competition, you can submit online here or click the Competitions button at the top for the postal address.

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