SWC 50th Anniversary Guests and Tickets

Hello! Tickets will soon be available for our writing extravaganza on the 28/08 , at a low, low price of £2 a head.

When active, you can buy them at the below link. You can purchase on the door also, if capacity allows (cash only if buying in person)

The Facebook event link is:

And the page for tickets and further info is:

Some confirmed guest so far include Dr Val Williamson, Tom George, Chris Cottee and more. Want to perform or sell your work too? Drop us a message at stating how you would like to get involved and the length of time you need.

Poetry 2022 Winners and Upcoming 50th Anniversary 28/08

We have our winning entries picked! We are just doing some final checks before we inform the winners, then the results will be publicly available after the Awards Evening. Details coming soon.

We also have a venue ready to receive us for our 50th Anniversary Festival on the 28th August.

If you want to be a part of it, to perform, give a speech or to show off your writing work, feel free to send a message to with the heading “I want to be involved!”, letting us know who you are and what sort of activity you would be interested in. There will also be stands for local authors to sell their work, so get in contact now.

We Have Our Winners! (and Poetry 2022)

The winners for the 2021 Short Story competition have been announced, thanks to our most excellent chief judge, Spencer Leigh.

There will be a slight delay in putting the judge’s report and the winning entries up on this website due to some background issues, however, we thank all of our entrants for bravely putting their work out there and hope that you all have a fruitful 2022.

Speaking of which, the Poetry 2022 competition is ripe and launching soon. We are finalising the details so that the poets of the land can share their verses and pit their words against all comers. Should be a fun competition.

Thank you for your patience, updates to come soon.

Southport Writers' Circle