SWC Meeting Notes

> SWC Meeting Notes 11.10.12
> Present- 15 members.
> Apologies- Anna, Claire.
> Announcements-
> Annual Dinner orders are coming in well. Remember Nov 1st is
> deadline. If you need a menu, or any details, ring Phil on
> 07843745316.
> Southport Poetry Nights-
> 2 Open Mic Nights for MacMillan on Mon 19th Nov and Mon 17th
> Dec.
> Details of Sheila Walsh books, mementos etc, generously
> offered by her daughter, available from Sean.
> Circle Roadshow is now on display in Birkdale Library.
> Readings-
> Martin- SuperCarparkMan.
> Kate- Story, Missing.
> Margaret- Poem, Vincent’s Diary.
> Les- Article, The Dustmen Don’t Collect Everything.
> Phil- Flash Prose, The House with Blue Shutters.
> Patty- Story, Wish You Weren’t Here.
> Sean- Chapter 12.
> Derek- The Child That Never Was.
> Steve- Poem, Open Season.
> Next Meeting, Thurs, Oct 18th, 8.00pm, Birkdale Library

Southport Writers' Circle