SWC Meeting

> SWC Meeting 6.12.12
> Present- 14 members
> Announcements-
> Dec 10th- Poetry in the Pub
> Dec 17th- Charity Poetry Night, MacMillan Art.
> Dec 20th- Christmas Readings
> Readings-
> Phil- poem, The Jewish Tailor and the Irish Seamstress
> Roger- story, The Star in the Chimney
> Anna- poem, 27 Year Itch
> Kate- story, Pictures in an Exhibition
> Martin- Web article, Why Create a CV?
> Karen-poem, Sea Glass
> Derek- prose, Anna’s Story
> Debbie- A Life Story
> Claire- poem, Cynical Jingles
> Patty- story, A Thing for the King
> Next Meeting- Thursday, Dec 13th. 8.00pm

Southport Writers' Circle