Short Story 2014 Results

Once again the standard of entries to the Short Story competition was astounding, with many tales of intrigue, romance, adventure and at least one with pirates in it. We had entrants from France, America. Australia and others (one entrant who hailed from very far away wrote in a flawless Yorkshire accent which was impressive), all of whom added colour to the overwhelming pile of manuscripts that we received.

However, only so many people can win and after a lengthy sifting process our final judge picked the top three as well as some Highly Commended entries. See below for winners, judges comments, and as ever, any highlighted titles can be clicked on to link to the winning stories themselves.


First – ‘Before After’ by Michelle Brown

Great title, and an intriguing opening that pulls the reader in. A moving story about a life event that, for the narrator, will change things forever. A story about life beginning and life ending. Very well written with some memorable phrases. Good tension in the relationship between the narrator, her partner and her sister. Left me thinking about the story long after I’d finished reading.


Second –‘Tuesdays’ by Carly Schabowski

An engaging story that pulls you in and makes you care about the characters, written fluently with good style.  Vivid, atmospheric descriptions with realistic, believable characters and good dialogue. A surprising but apt ending that leaves you wanting to know more.


Third – ‘Damp Grass and Forward Rolls’ by Heather Allison

An absolutely delightful story involving two charming elderly characters. The story is alive with engaging and amusing dialogue, with the final promise of a deliciously unlikely romance. Very enjoyable and well written.


Highly Commended:

‘Address Unknown’ by Joyce Walker

‘Cycle Lane’ by Sue Hoffmann

‘Eye of the Beholder’ by Bruce Harris

‘Letters from Happy Land’ by Richard Kelly

Southport Writers' Circle