Le voice of ye Circle, in ye electronique forme.

V.M 23/4 is a go!

Last week we had 12, let’s see how many we get this week. The Virtual Meeting system is working great! Apply on our Facebook page or drop us a message if you want to join in the fun.

Also, visitors, you may want to have a look at our Conversation Forum. Free for anybody to enjoy, slowly filling up with inspiration and intrigue.

Next VM 16th April

The next virtual meeting is due 8pm, 16th April via Zoom! Message us to be added to the private Facebook group where login details to join this and future online meetings will be posted. Happy writing!

Conversations and Virtual Meetings

We have mostly finished the background renovations and our new Conversation Forum is now available for all to see.

It is already filling up with activities and work and anyone can read the public sections.

If you would like to join in the fun and be able to post comments and work, you can now apply for Virtual Membership by contacting us at southportwriterscircle@yahoo.co.uk . For a donation amount of your choice, you will be given a login and be able to participate as a limited member.

Furthermore! We are starting Virtual Meetings tonight (9/4/20), initially using Zoom. These are free for anyone to join in on, again contact the above address or PM us on our Facebook to find out more details. We look forwards to hearing from you.