SWC Public Workshop Night

Ever fancied having a go at writing? Already write but want to get to grips with some new techniques? Want to meet people and have fun with the joy of words?

On the 24th July, we are opening our doors to all and sundry for a Public Workshop night, to spend the evening furiously creating poetry and fiction in a series of fun activities including:

Instant Poem, Outrageous Story, Exaggerations, Character Building, Reverse Story, One Minute Plot….

…and a few more.

Please arrive at Parenting 2000 for about ten to 8 so we can start promptly and bringing your own pens would be helpful. If planning to attend, please be aware that there is limited space, so latecomers may be turned away. If that happens, don’t worry! We are going to do a much bigger one later in the year.

(Note: We may not be in the planned room on the night, so your patience in advance is appreciated)

Southport Writers' Circle