SWC Meeting Notes

> SWC Meeting 30.8.12
> Present-14 members
> Apologies-Mary(Leaving drinks in ‘The Fish’, Fri, 7.00pm.
> All welcome.)
> Announcements-
> Helpers for Open Mic next Thurs., please arrive for 7.30pm.
> News-
> Phil longlisted for Galway New Writer of the Year.
> Phil’s book, Extreme Headship, adopted by Newcastle Uni on
> MEd course.
> Readings-
> Kate, story, The Evacuees.
> Dorothy,poem, A Memorable Date
> Mike, poem, Last Look Round
> Les, script, Burglary in Devon
> Les, extract,  Life Story.
> Julie, poem, The Gift
> Phil, This and That
> Karen, poem, Blank Canvas
> Debbie, Bodger’s Guide, Promised Land
> Dave, poem, The King’s Shilling
> Open Mic next Thurs. 7.50 at latest please.

Southport Writers' Circle