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Hi if anyone is interested in trying to write to a strict poetry form please let me know and I would be happy to post some forms for anyone to try their hand at, I could give critique and advice…David

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  1. Hi Poetryman

    I am not a member if your society but I would like to receive your poetry tips if possible.



    • Hi Joyce what type of poetry do you write? If you let me know I can help you with form, content and structure.

  2. I would be grateful for some advice please! I have written a poem that I would
    like to enter for a competition but I really don’t know how to set it out – when
    the rules say up to 40 lines would a one or two words on a line count as a line?
    I’m quite confused!

    • Hi Nikki the short answer is no unless the rules state that one or two words are acceptable. Generally for a poem of that length you should be aiming for between 7-10 words per line and if it is a specific form then you need to be careful with your syllable count as well. I personally would set it out in stanzas and not one block, it would look more appealing to the eye. Hope this helps and Good Luck.

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